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Time management tools for small business owners

Balancing work and life is the ultimate goal as an entrepreneur or small business owner. However, between managing your business, dealing with clients, employees, and investors, it can be hard to find time for yourself. With the New Year, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to re-evaluate your time management and see if you can’t squeeze in some quality time for yourself away from the office.

IT support for small business owners in Denver

If you manage your time and money wisely, there’s no reason you can’t find the perfect work-life balance.

Being your own boss is incredibly rewarding. It’s tough, too, don’t get us wrong, because when you don’t have a boss (awesome!) that means you are the boss (yikes!), and that means all the pressure and responsibility falls on your shoulders.

The first step to work-life balance is to make sure that you have hired wisely. Unless you’re a solo operation, you need to hire the right team who can support your business, who understands and believes in your vision and can help you grow your business by working independently and efficiently without being micromanaged.

Micromanaging is a waste of time

Micromanaging your team is the biggest time waster of any small business owner and entrepreneur. If you have to micromanage a team member, then you need to re-evaluate if this person is helping or hindering your progress. Are they adding to or subtracting from your business? If you always have to double-check their work and keep breathing down their neck, you are missing out on time you could be spending going for a run, or taking your spouse out to dinner, without keeping one eye on the phone or worrying about an employee.

You have to be able to delegate to your team, which means you have to trust your team to understand your directions and then be able to take those directions and complete a project on time, without supervision. Of course, you should be available to answer questions or help troubleshoot if needed, but once you give instructions to your team, you shouldn’t have to be present anymore. You can move on to other things, like taking a little time for yourself knowing that your team is handling the business.

Free up time with time management solutions

Full service IT support can save you time and money, helping you strike the perfect work-life balance.

Time and money management tools can help all small business owners get organized, save time, save money, and allow for time outside of the office so that you can finally strike that perfect balance between work and life.

IT solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs

OnePointSync is a small IT business located in Denver, Colorado. We partner with small business owners and entrepreneurs to get them set up with the best hardware, software, and IT solutions to make their business more efficient in 2017.

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