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It’s no secret that the majority of businesses fail within their first five years. When starting a business, there’s only an 80% chance of surviving the first year. With so much competition in the tech industry, it can be overwhelming to develop and build a sustainable business from the ground up. There are various reasons companies fail, but there are also many ways to mitigate these risks before they pop up.

Stay competitive

Tech startups and small businesses need to stay competitive. With the right technology, businesses can communicate with their customers and create a more customer-centric operation. At the same time, every entrepreneur wants to have their niche market to themselves. But studies show that small businesses and startups do better with a little competition. Implementing the right communication and organizational tools can minimize hiring costs and increase productivity.

The biggest tech mistakes small businesses make

Avoid IT errors and downtime

Protect your business data on your remote workers’ personal devices with OnePointSync IT services.

When businesses don’t invest in data security measures such as backup software, data recovery plans, and a firewall, they leave themselves vulnerable to threats. To avoid tech mistakes with solutions by OnePointSync. They help businesses keep their data secure through cloud computing and other IT tech solutions.

Speed is important, especially when more employees are working remotely. Not having a strong enough internet connection to handle effective cloud solutions means sacrificing productivity. No cloud computing service can work without the internet. A strong internet connection will allow your employees to store and access company data more efficiently.

Other small business tech mistakes include hiring the wrong people and not training new employees on tech, which can massively upset your business’s dynamic. For this reason, companies need to avoid tech mistakes by not only hiring for personality, but also technical knowledge. 

Not making services and websites mobile-friendly is another mistake small businesses make when starting up. With Google’s mobile-first initiative, companies can streamline their services and website for mobile devices stand a better chance at staying ahead of the competition. 

To learn more about how to avoid small business tech mistakes, contact OnePointSync for a quote today.


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