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Starting a business means drafting an operating budget. Before you can start earning, you need to know how you are going to be spending. The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs and business owners make when planning a business budget is underestimating their IT expenditures.

IT solutions for small businesses

Plan ahead to ensure your tech can keep up with the growth of your business.

Consider growth

Every business starts out small. Regarding IT and technology, many fall into the trap of thinking that having a laptop a server and high-speed Internet is all you’ll ever need, but they are failing to consider the growth of their company. That’s the whole point, right? You want your business to grow. No business plan ever states “we have no intention of growing or expanding,” because that would defeat the purpose of starting a business. It would also look terrible to potential investors because you may not have the need to be a billionaire and lead a global empire, but your investors do, so you need to plan ahead.

We’re not saying you need to budget for a whole IT department and turn one of your two offices into a server room/data center, but you do need to have room in your budget to scale up your IT services to keep up with your growing company.

Small business IT solutions

Make sure your hardware can keep up with your software.

Buy professional software and hardware

You may be perfectly happy writing your business plan on your home computer with your home Internet, but when it comes to running a business you want to have the right hardware and software that can handle all of your business activity. The reason you see brands release personal and business versions of their products is because they know that your business is going to need a little extra oomph to run. It’s going to need to be able to do more than be able to multi-task between streaming TV, Facebook, email, and news outlets.

New software needs new hardware

If you are buying new software, make sure that your hardware can run it. It’s like trying to upgrade your first generation iPhone with the latest iOS. You’d think it would run better, but really you’ve just completely weighed down your poor old phone, and now you have to wait forever for apps to open – if they even open at all. If your business requires new software (and it does), then make sure you get the right hardware as well.

Hardware and software for small businesses

Talk to an IT expert about your hardware and software needs for your small business.

Hardware and software for small businesses

We are your one-stop shop for all the hardware/software for your office. Whether you are just getting your company off the ground, moving locations, or in need of new products we can help. The top two brands we carry are HP and Epson. We carry computers – including laptops and mini computers – tablets, monitors, printers, and everything in between.

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