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With thousands of emails being sent on any given day within an organization, it can often feel like your the only one whose inbox is filling up. As more employees continue working remotely, the volume of emails hitting your inbox will only increase. For most of us, we can easily get lost spending hours trying to make a dent in our inbox, while more pressing work takes a back seat. IT solutions are your best defense against email overload.

Strategies to help you avoid email overload

Email overload is something we all struggle with, even before the transition to remote working roles. With the elimination of face-to-face communication in the office, emails in every department will pile up. When this happens, things get lost, people are overwhelmed, and productivity suffers.

Here are some strategies you can use to reduce email overload in your business.

  • Block out time on your calendar dedicated to getting caught up on emails. Treat this time like a real meeting and stick to the time you’ve allotted.
  • Use automation to declutter your inboxes.
  • Implement digital communication tools to help reduce the need for constant written communication.

Studies have shown that the more emails you have can negatively impact your workload stress. So if the average worker is spending four hours a day checking emails, that only leaves 5 hours dedicated to actual work.

Hosted or on-premise email solutions for businesses

How to reduce emails when the team is working remotely

Create structure by scheduling meetings and specific times for mass communications. Establishing consistency within your email delivery will reduce employees spending unnecessary time trying to filter through and reply to numerous emails within their day.

Instead, try to set up digital communication software and centralize all business communication. When you organize and manage all communication, it makes processes and procedures a lot easier to follow. Plus, you can target specific groups and ensure important information reaches essential people faster.

The team at OnePointSync offers complete IT solutions, including digital communication tools designed to reduce email overload and other IT-related issues facing companies working remotely. Contact us today to find the best IT solutions for your remote business

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