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Have you ever thought back to pre-cellphone times and wondered how you ever navigated your way around. How did you ever manage to make plans with friends? How did you manage to stay organized and get everything done on time? The thought of losing our phone is enough to send anyone into a panic. Now imagine losing all of your data!

Losing your data

Cloud Backup Service DenverAt first, technology was like a second brain used to store information and make sure that if your real brain forgot something, your electronic brain would be there to keep you on track. Slowly, over time, we started relying solely on technology to store all of our data. When was the last time you memorized a phone number or an address? You don’t waste your brain on such trivialities. Your brain is for creative thinking and who has the rightful claim to the iron throne, not files, client lists, and spreadsheets. But, just like things can disappear from memory, so can all of your data. Losing data is detrimental to a business. Make sure your data is backed up and protected.

Threats to your data

Natural disasters and hackers are the biggest threats to your data. Thankfully, there is one major weapon against both, and that’s regularly backing up your data. On an annual basis, data loss accounts for the loss of millions of dollars each year. Every business should have a backup schedule in place.

How often should you backup your data

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The most secure and reliable backup schedule is to have your data backed up once every 24 hours. Every business day should end with backing up data so that if something happens overnight, or anytime, you will always have the most recent data available. The more you back up, the less downtime you have due to a hack or a natural disaster.

Manual or automatic backup

For maximum protection, work with a backup service provider that will offer both manual and automatic backups. You can customize your backup data to have the most important and sensitive data backed up at certain times, or you can choose to have your data backed up in real time, so that anytime you make a change, that change is backed up and securely stored. Outsourcing your data and having it backed up off-site in a secure data center will also give you more protection than keeping your data backed up in your in-house server room.

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