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Choosing a smaller and local IT service provider has its benefits. Working with a local company means that you will get more personalized attention, and a local company will have a much more significant investment in your business than the big guys. We get to know our customers so that we can provide better service. Our success is your success and vice versa.

Small business IT solutions

Our goal is to give you the right tools to run your business more efficiently.

Better customer service

Calling a support line when you have a problem and talking to one of a thousand agents can be frustrating. How many times have you called, only to be put on hold to give the agent time to “review your file and past problems”? With a local IT service provider, you’ll build a much more intimate relationship. With a smaller dedicated staff, we can get to know our customers on a much deeper level than the more prominent companies that are only interested in getting your business. We still have 24/7 customer support, but there’s a much better chance that you’ll know the name of your service technician which helps to form a closer bond.

Personalizing your services

Because we get to know you and your business personally, we are much more equipped to provide you with the right services. You can scale your services, scaling up and down as you need. We’re not here to sell you as many products as possible; we’re here to sell you the right products you need to boost your business, secure your data, and provide you with support at every step. We find that providing customers with products and tools they really need will build trust and a long-lasting relationship.

Understanding your area

Support local businesses

Local businesses supporting local businesses will make our community stronger.

Working with a local IT service provider means that you have a partner who is familiar with the challenges of your industry, as well as the geographical area in which you live. If you work locally but have contractors spread out globally, we can also help you set up the best tools to maximize your budget and your efficiency.

Your business means more

Every client counts to a local IT service provider. With a local IT service provider, you’ll be a big fish in a little pond, and your business will be much more valuable. With giant corporations, your business and your needs may get overlooked because you are just a small fish in a large pond. Plus, local businesses should support other local businesses. It will make our community stronger and more profitable.

OnePointSync provides complete IT solutions and support to small and midsized businesses in Denver.

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