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Hard drive erase service in Denver

Donating old devices so they can be reused will help reduce the CO2 emissions from manufacturing new electronic devices.

Just when you think you have the latest device, a newer, faster, smarter version hits the shelves. Keeping up with technology is hard on our psyche and our wallets, but old devices lying around is hard on the planet and our natural resources. Don’t trash them; think about donating them to someone that can reuse or refurbish your old electronics.

Environmental benefits of donating electronic devices

If your device still has a little life or can be repaired, donate it to a place that will fix and refurbish your old computer.

Computers, tablets, and phones take an incredible amount of raw materials and energy to manufacture. By donating your devices, you are helping to cut back on some of the CO2 emissions, as well as cut back on sourcing more raw materials to make new devices.

If your old device is beyond repair, it still contains materials that are toxic. Throwing them in the trash is irresponsible and bad for the environment. By recycling your computer, the right people can safely extract and discard harmful materials.

Secure data erase service in Denver

Broken devices should be recycled so that toxic materials can be safely removed.

Wipe your hard drive before you donate your electronic devices

Now that you’ve decided to donate your old devices, you need to make sure that you aren’t also donating a lot of personal information. Besides harmful toxins, your computer is also storing your passwords, bank accounts, PIN codes, and other sensitive information. You never know where your device will end up, so take precaution and have your hard drive securely wiped clean.

To safely and completely erase all data from your old devices, you need the right data erase software.

Back up your data before erasing it from the hard drive

Before you wipe your computer clean, make sure you’ve backed up all information that you’ll need in the future. Once our technicians have used our data erase software on your device, your data is erased for good.

Securely erase all data from your hard drive

Talk to our IT technicians about using our data erase software to securely erase all data from your hard drive.

Secure data erase service in Denver

If you need data removed from any of your devices, we will use a data erase software that will certifiably remove all your data. Not all data erasing is the same. Our certifiable data erase software will ensure that your data is actually erased.

For more information, contact one of our IT experts in Denver.

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