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Although we’ll be taking some time off during the holidays to spend with friends and family, we are not leaving our clients in a lurch. We understand that technical difficulties don’t revolve around our holiday hours, so we’ve set up emergency holiday tech support to give your peace of mind. If you’ve got Black Friday or Cyber Monday specials, we’ve got a few tips for small businesses to help you get through this profitable, but hectic, holiday shopping season.

Emergency tech support in Denver

We’re closed for the holidays, but we still have emergency tech support available 24/7 for our clients.

Holiday Hours for OnePointSync in Denver:

Thanksgiving, November 23rd – 25th – CLOSED

Christmas, December 23rd – December 25th – CLOSED

New Year’s, December 30th, 2016 – January 1st, 2017 – CLOSED

If you have tech trouble outside of our holiday or regular opening hours, call 303-586-5745!

Dealing with Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals

Colorado tech support and IT solutions

Call 303-586-5745
emergency tech support in Denver.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are a huge opportunity for small businesses to market their product and create a buzz among your target audience. However, the biggest mistake that small businesses make when creating social media marketing campaigns for the holidays is to underestimate the amount of business, sales, and inventory organization that it requires.

By now, hopefully, you have gotten the word out via social media to your clients about awesome deals to be had during the holidays. Make sure you are ready for the increased volume once the clients start to take advantage of your deals and specials.

Inventory management

If your campaign is successful, you’ll need extra help to get out your products to your clients. If you’re selling your product on multiple platforms, like your own website as well as other sites like Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify, then you need to manage your inventory carefully to keep up with sales on each platform.

Centralized inventory management for small businesses in Denver

We can help you get the right software to help manage and track your inventory.

Make sure you have a centralized inventory management system to help you manage and track each order so that you can service your clients efficiently.

Centralized inventory management system for Denver businesses

If you’re a small business but don’t yet have the technological capabilities to handle holiday shopping traffic, or you need to find better tech solutions to make next year easier, more efficient, and profitable, then talk to an IT expert. We can help you create a responsive website, as well as implement all the programs and apps you need to track orders, inventory, and manage your entire business efficiently and effectively.

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