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Covid-19 has brought with it big changes to the way we work. Remote working has become a norm, with many companies taking on this business model as a way to adapt. But how does a business stay efficient without its employees in one location? In this article, we’ll take a look at remote working technology that’s essential for improving the efficiency of our new normal. 

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, all of your employees can access everything they need through a secure cloud. That means there’s no need for setting everyone up with their own copies of the software you use regularly.

Remote Working Technology

Online collaboration tools allow remote employees to be far more organized.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Remote Working

Cloud computing provides a lot of benefits for businesses using the remote working business model: 

  • It improves security – hosts your server in our data center, making your data truly secure. 
  • It frees up space and avoids data redundancy – with all of your data on the cloud, it won’t take up space on your own hardware. 
  • It’s scalable to suit your business needs – we can tailor cloud computing options to your business, and continue to do so while your business grows. 
  • It reduces the cost of managing your own IT system – you won’t need to spend money training, hiring, and paying your own IT team. 

Office Management Technology

Online office management tools give you the ability to keep in touch with your employees, share virtual to-do lists and make appointments for each other. 

Asana is a very popular office management tool, which can help keep your employees focused and staying on task. Zoom is another must-have tool, allowing you and your employees to connect via video calling. 

Automatic Data Backup

If you want to be sure that your data is secure and protected, you’ll want to have automatic data backup. Luckily, OnePointSync can provide you with cloud backup. 

OnePointSync’s cloud backup updates information as often as every minute and watches for changes in real-time. You can restore lost files without asking for help, using an easy-to-use desktop application. 

IT solutions and remote working technology

Cloud computing opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to remote working. Reach out and contact us today, so we can help you make an educated decision on the option that’s best for your business.

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