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With cybercrime at an all-time high, it’s vital to plan for what your business would do in the event of a data loss. Having a comprehensive data backup strategy is a necessary part of your business’s cybersecurity.  

Why You Need to Backup Your Data

The data that your business collects and stores is highly valuable. In fact, it’s more valuable than the equipment you have it stored on. A data backup strategy ensures that important customer information is protected and secure from cyber threats. 

In the event of data loss, every minute of downtime costs your business money and resources. You want to make sure you can recover your data quickly and get back to normal operations as soon as possible.

Data Backup Strategy

Every business should have a data backup strategy.

Essential Elements of a Data Backup Strategy

When you’re putting a data backup strategy in place, it’s important that it has these key elements:

Onsite and Offsite Data Backup

Onsite backups allow for faster and easier restoration of data if a server crashes or fails. But, you shouldn’t rely solely on data recovery solutions; the goal is to never have to recover your data, but protect it from the beginning. It’s always a good idea to have copies of your data offsite as well, where they can be accessed either manually or through a cloud

Automated Backup Schedule

The data that your business stores can change minute to minute as you add or update customer information. You want to make sure that your data is being backed up automatically and as often as possible. 

Reliable IT Service Provider

You need to find an IT service provider that will handle and manage your backup in a highly efficient way. A reliable provider will stay on top of your data backup, so you don’t have to worry. 

The security of your customers’ data is of the utmost importance when you’re running a business. OnePointSync is Denver’s IT solutions experts, and we’re here to help. We can take care of your data backup needs so that you can focus on running your business.

Contact us today for more information. 

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