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Now that more businesses than ever before are going remote, it is driving the popularity of things like a virtual phone system. In fact, this should be a necessary part of any remote business nowadays. So if you’re planning on setting up a remote business, then here are the various reason why you should be picking out a VoIP phone system to go along with it.

Possess Multiple Numbers at Once

Any good VoIP phone system is going to provide access to both local and toll-free numbers for anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you run a business that deals with international customers or clients, then it allows you to operate a local dialing option for any area you do business in without needing to pay for the hardware to run each phone number.


VoIP phone systems are perfect for continuing work on the go.

This will make it much easier for your customer or clients to contact you and will also mean that they are more likely to trust you since you’ll seem like a local organization rather than an international business.

Effortless Call Transfers

The tricky thing about running a remote business is that it is almost never a 9-5 job. Instead, you are getting work done at sporadic times and are also likely taking breaks throughout the day to go do various things like making a meal or run some errands.

But if an important phone call comes in while you happen to be gone, then you will still be able to get it with a virtual phone system. This is possible thanks to its call transfer feature that is able routing calls to your office number, home number, cell phone number, or other numbers so that you always have the chance to answer the call.

Make sure that your remote business is all it can be with the help of a great virtual phone system. Our team at One Point Sync can provide you with a high-quality VoIP phone system, network switches, and much more.

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