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The pandemic changed a lot of things, including the way we work. More than ever, people are working from home, and the shift away from the office isn’t always seamless. There are many reasons why working from home isn’t ideal. You may find that your equipment, including furniture and technology, isn’t adequate. Maybe you find that your space is cluttered, or it’s hard to be productive when there are many distractions at home. But there are easy ways to enhance your home office experience and streamline your workflow.

Go Wireless and Reduce Clutter

Computer, printers, phones, tablets. Your space may feel cluttered when it’s covered in a jumble of wires. A messy workspace can increase anxiety and negatively affect productivity, so try to use wireless technology as much as possible. By switching to wireless, there will be a lot fewer cords to navigate, and you can feel more at ease in your space. For the remaining wires, make sure you organize them and keep them out of the way. You can invest in a plug strip for all your charging essentials.

Cloud computing is another great way of limiting clutter. Transition away from paper toward digital to get rid of your bulky filing cabinet. You’ll want to make use of various IT solutions that allow you to connect to your team and your work without taking up physical space in your office.

Make Yourself at Home

Buy yourself an ergonomic desk and chair so that your body can feel its best during the workday. Your good posture and good health are essential for long-term productivity. You can buy your home office essentials from OnePointSync and transform your workspace into a place you really want to be. Make sure that you invest in good lighting, including a desk lamp, so your eyes don’t have to strain to see your work. Add a plant and pictures of your loved ones. And finally, add something fun that will help keep you motivated and stimulated.

Create a comfortable and uncluttered home office to limit stress and maximize productivity.

Reach out to us to get a quote and learn how our home office essentials can help you create your dream home office.

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