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Being separated by hundreds of miles or more can often be a challenge trying to bond or create with your employees. When you’re working remotely, human connection is integral to ensuring your team doesn’t suffer from isolation at work.

Importance of creating an interactive office atmosphere

Even when the entire team is working remotely, it’s important to foster an enthusiastic workforce by getting together virtually to collaborate, even if they are located across different time zones. Implementing IT solutions such as reliable communication software is key to establishing an open forum that makes communication easier.

Creating an interactive office atmosphere for your employees can help boost productivity across numerous job roles. A study by Stratford University found that employee productivity increased by 13% when employees worked remotely. Adequate IT solutions will also allow you to create an informal digital space to celebrate company wins, introduce new employees to the company, and even allow you to set up virtual meetings with your team to check in.

VoIP and video conferencing for Denver businesses

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Importance of quality video conferencing

Using various communication tools available on the market is great, but sometimes having touchpoints with your team via video can help remote employees still feel connected to your business.

Similarly, setting up regular video conferencing calls can help you avoid too much written communication. Most employees will agree, sometimes hopping on a ten-minute call to go over a new project is a lot faster than ten back-to-back emails that still leave you feeling lost and confused. Even if nothing is pressing on the agenda, meetings are important to check in with your team, both personally and professionally.

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