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One of the greatest benefits of modern technology is the ability to store your data digitally. Large metal filing cabinets have been replaced with hard drives and USB drives so small, you can carry them on a keychain. Modern hard drives and cloud services allow you to digitally store all of your music, photos, videos, documents, email archives and other important files, big or small.


The beauty of this is that you can take your data with you everywhere you go and you can access it from anywhere in the world. Digital data has also made it far easier for teams to collaborate on the same project from different locations. Plus, data can be easily duplicated and backed up, keeping it safe in the event of computer malfunction, theft, or loss.

But what happens when you need to get rid of one of your digital devices such as your laptop? Maybe you’ve decided to sell it so that you can upgrade, or you are relocating to a new department within the company, perhaps you decided to donate it to your local charity for a tax deduction.

The Only Way To Erase Your Digital Data Permanently!

In times like these, you first need to erase your data. Unfortunately, erasing your data doesn’t actually remove it from your hard drive. It can still be retrieved using basic retrieval software. The only way to be absolutely sure your data is completely gone is to use a secure erase service.

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“One Point Sync uses a Data Erase software that will certifiably remove all your data. Not all data erasing is the same. Our certifiable data erase will ensure that your data is actually erased.”

It does this by erasing your hard drive completely and then writing new, random data (such as 0’s and 1’s) over the entire hard drive multiple times. This effectively deletes all your previously info, guaranteeing that everything is erased and can never be retrieved.

The next time you decide to upgrade, replace, or donate your current computing devices, do so with peace of mind by allowing OnePointSync to securely erase all your data.

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