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As we enter 2016, many of us are considering and planning the new year. We are setting goals and deciding the direction our lives will take. As you consider your business and where it is headed, don’t overlook one of the biggest moves you could make, moving to the cloud! If you haven’t already, you should seriously consider moving your business to the cloud in 2016. cloud

Wait, What Is “The Cloud”?

When we talk about the cloud, we are referring to a physical infrastructure that houses servers and computers designed to do a wide range of tasks, from storing data to serving applications. Moving to “the cloud” simply means you are transferring your data and services to an internet-based server system rather than a local, in-house server system.

We live in a digital world and technology isn’t going away. In fact, according to one report, it is steadily increasing in its usage and over 60% of enterprises expect to have at least 50% of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms by 2018.

Why It’s A Mistake To Ignore “The Cloud”!

The bottom line is that the cloud has changed everything about how we manage data and access it. The days of being tied to one desk at one location are quickly fading. Because of cloud computing, even small businesses of 2-5 employees are becoming “Global”, and working together from different cities and even different time-zones. The internet has given us near-instant access to anything and anyone from anywhere, and all of this is possible from the phones in our pockets and our laptops.

This is why laptops have become the computer of choice and have begun outselling desktops. This is why smart-phones have become the one tool everyone values above all the others. With modern technologies in travel and the internet combined, many businesses can be run from anywhere and can hire anyone in the world to work with them. The cloud is here and it is the future of business technology. In the next post, we will look at the 5 main reasons moving your business to the cloud is the best decision you can make.

At OnePointSync, we specialize in setting up and maintaining cloud computing technologies so that you don’t have to. Contact us for a free consultation today. It’s the best business decision you’ll make in 2016!

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