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Technology has made running a business a thousand times easier than ever before, but that hasn’t eliminated any of the stress. Running a business comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, and even though new tech makes time management easier, we’re still running around like crazy trying to meet all of our goals and expectations. Here are a few stress management tips for owners and bosses.

IT solutions to help manage time and finances

Learn to delegate, stop micro-managing, and free up some time to de-stress.

Knowing is half the battle

It’s stressful being stressed out all the time, but don’t fall into the trap of trying to ignore your rising stress levels because the thought of having to slow down makes you even more stressed. Stress will eventually break you; you can’t fake your way out of being stressed. The only option is to accept that you are stressed. Pay attention to your body, your racing heartbeat, and your sweaty brow and find a way to de-stress before you are looking at serious problems.

Delegate and stop micromanaging

Even the boss needs to be able to take a break. You need to be able to get a good night’s sleep. Burning the candle at both ends has never worked for anyone – at least, not anyone who wanted to succeed in their business and be able to enjoy life at the same time.

Today’s work culture focuses much more on finding that elusive work/life balance. Even though you feel like you have to be present for all decisions and micromanage every task, you do not. In fact, if you can’t trust your team to help you reach your goals and allow you to take a few breaks, then you have hired the wrong team. If things go awry or fall between the cracks as soon as you leave the office, then it’s time to get rid of the problem people and hire a new crew that supports you in your dreams without raising your blood pressure.

Get out your frustrations

How to manage the stress of running a business

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Exercise is the best way to de-stress, get rid of your frustrations, and find some inner peace. Go for a long run, clear your head, get some sunlight, and breathe. For those times when you’re particularly stressed and frustrated, take a boxing class or join a CrossFit box. There’s nothing like a grueling workout to give your brain and your body some relief from the stress of running a business.

IT to track finances and manage time

Time and money are the main concern of any boss. Get the latest hardware and software to help you manage your time and your finances. It’ll help you free up a little time for yourself to de-stress. Knowing how to manage stress will make you a better boss and set your business up for greater success.

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