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Years ago, Southwest Airlines ran an ad campaign based on the slogan “Wanna Get Away?” In each commercial, someone was shown in a “less than desirable” circumstance. Such as when a man accidentally throws his game remote at his friends tv, destroying it in the process. Another showed a woman secretly looking through her friends medicine cabinet when the whole thing comes crashing down. Many of the commercials were a hit with consumers because they were funny and relatable.

Taking time for rest

The truth is, there are times WE want to get away… not because we’ve done something silly, but because we need a break to recharge our lives! Running a business can feel like a 24 hour a day responsibility if we allow it to. Often, we don’t know where to draw the line to create work/life balance.

One of the best things we can do for our business is to get away. When we do, we reap many physical and mental benefits. If you are needing to get away for a little break, we want to show you how you can do it!

5 Tools To Help You Get Away Without Anyone Knowing You’re Gone

  • A VPN: First, you will want to have a VPN setup on your mobile devices. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to stay connected to your local IP Address. This makes it look like your computer or phone is in the office, when in fact you are not. It also provides you with security for those times you need to work from public WiFi hotspots.
  • Access Control: Having access control installed in your facilities allows you to grant access to service people and employees from the comfort of your hotel. They can enter your facilities and get their work done without ever knowing you weren’t there. Working while on the go
  • Camera System: Modern camera systems allow you to keep an eye on things back home over the internet. You could check on things from your smartphone in between surf sessions in Costa Rica, or while eating breakfast in Paris!
  • VOIP Phone and Email: Setting up a VOIP phone and having your own hosted email will allow you to stay in contact while out of the office. Hopefully, you can set it all aside for a few days and have your messages stored on voicemail. You can spend 15 minutes each morning and afternoon monitoring them. If anything comes up, you are only a phone call away, giving the impression you never left the office!

Getting away for some fun is beneficial to your health and business success. Having a few key tools will allow you to go on an unplanned vacation without everything coming crashing down!

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