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It’s no secret that search indexes are becoming the new gatekeepers between customers and businesses. Google, Yahoo, and other platforms operate by using keywords to connect web navigators with relevant pages. Keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools will identify the words and terms that are being searched most often by users and reveal how much competition there is for each word.

By embedding relevant, low-competition keywords into your business’s web page, post, and social media content, you’ll not only improve your search ranking but also benefit from a series of related business outcomes.

SEO Content

The benefits reaped from a jump in search ranking cannot be understated. Most web searches end in consumers following the links of top-ranked web pages – specifically those on the first search engine results page (SERP). 

Remote Working Techn

Content needs to maintain a fine balance between keyword-forward and informative.

To obtain one of these lofty positions, you will need to apply a targeted SEO content strategy. This involves integrating keywords from the right search and competition threshold with informative content that engages users. Industry members used to believe that keyword-stuffing (the over-saturation of text with desired words) helped improve search ranking, but Google quickly shut down that strategy. 

Today, content needs to maintain a fine balance between keyword placement and informative, timely, and engaging material. The latter factors are increasingly important as search engines look to reduce the prevalence of poor content. 

Expand Your Sales Funnel 

Search engine users aren’t always looking to buy immediately. Leveraging SEO and a solid marketing strategy is a great way to ensure that your dynamic web design is supported by quality content. When users are able to learn and engage with your material, your business becomes more relevant to them. Down the road, this will lead to improved sales conversions and more lifetime value from customers. 

If you need help implementing a keyword strategy to improve your search ranking, OnePointSync is the perfect solution for your business. Our SEO experts have extensive experience in providing informative SEO content that converts and generates sales down the road. Contact us today for a quote on our services! 

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