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Why you need a firewall to protect your hardware and data

Many people wonder if investing in firewall security for their computer systems is really necessary, especially if they already have an antivirus installed. But, as a business owner, would you leave your office or store’s doors unlocked after the day is over, without an alarm and cameras to monitor what’s going on and detect any potential thefts? Absolutely not!

IT Firewall Solutions for your Small Business in Denver

Get the best firewall to secure personal & financial information for your business

Likewise, why would you want to leave your hardware and important data about yourself and your business at the mercy of hackers, viruses, and other malware out there on the Web?  Protecting your computer systems is just as important as protecting your business premises from thieves, in order to prevent malicious Internet users from disrupting your operations and stealing your financial data or intellectual property, which is even worse.

So, what is a firewall and what does it do?

In the computer world, a firewall is a software program or piece of hardware that acts as a traffic cop, screening and blocking out hackers, viruses, and worms that try to get in your computer from an external network. In other words, it can be software installed on a computer, an external security device (hardware), or both, that grants or rejects access between an untrusted network source (such as the Internet) and a trusted one (your company’s internal network).

While antivirus software can help protect your system’s files against unwanted programs, a firewall monitors all networks and is capable of identifying and blocking malicious traffic, helping to keep hackers or external threats from accessing your system in the first place.

IT solutions for small businesses in Denver

Best firewall system options in the Denver area

Call our IT experts to talk about the best firewall solutions for your business in Denver. We are preferred partners of Kerio and Sophos, two excellent firewall options that allow us to fit all your security needs. Additionally, we also have Web Content Filtering/Web Monitoring solutions to improve the productivity of your employees and block inappropriate or liable content in the workplace.

We’ll help you find the most cost-effective and eco-friendly choices and help you with all the configuration and installation of software to run your business smoothly and efficiently. Once your business grows, we can help you expand your IT needs.

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