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The stakes are higher than ever when it comes to IT and data security in Colorado, due to the combination of more frequent breaches and larger fines when regulations aren’t adhered to. Here are some future trends to keep in mind for IT and data security.

Breaches Are Changing

IT Security Trends For 2020

Expect data breaches to come via new vectors.

As a start, the different vectors for breaches have changed from in the past. For example, phishing was once public enemy number one, and while email phishing still exists, texts and social media communications are more common vectors. Mobile, in general, is probably one of the biggest sources of problems in terms of putting together a safe environment, especially in the age of bringing your own mobile. Another thing that’s notable is the advent of the cloud. Many small businesses love the flexibility it gives, but aren’t ready to upgrade their security enough to match. As the general infrastructure of IT grows, expect more weak spots with legacy systems that need to be addressed as well.

Premium Services Are Growing

Statistics are beginning to show a general rise in premium cybersecurity services and training. This points out a few interesting trends. First, the fact that companies are willing to pay premium prices shows that they may finally understand the value of security. The cost of a data breach is larger than the costs of maintaining these services. The fact that training is being included shows that companies are also looking to address the impact of human error, one of the largest causes of data breaches. A lot of small businesses may not have current experts on staff. This could make third-party support more common.

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