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Green business IT solutions

OnePointSync uses Energy Star rated servers and green technology to run our data center. Get green IT solutions for your business.

For the environmentally conscious entrepreneur, cloud hosting is the green choice. Of course, just because the energy-sucking servers aren’t running on your dime doesn’t mean they aren’t running somewhere else. Going green is more than just “out of sight, out of mind.” However, by taking advantage of our cloud hosting services, you’ll be glad to know that our entire data center is built using green technology.

Energy-efficient IT service

Cloud hosting not only saves you money on operating costs, but it will save you money on energy bills as well. When you sign up for hosting services for email, VoIP, cloud backup, etc., with an IT service provider, you may not be saving energy at all. Sure, you may not be paying the cost of high energy usage to run your business, but the hosting company you are using is, and that’s not really saving. That’s just passing the buck.

At OnePointSync, our servers are all Energy Star rated, and in everything that we use to give you quality IT services, from hard drives to batteries to cooling, we do everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint and cut back on our energy usage.

We’ve taken energy efficiency one step further. To not suck up too much power with numerous desktop machines, all of our employees use MacBook Air notebooks. So, you’re not the only one saving energy; we’re saving energy, too!

Energy efficient business IT solutions

Cloud hosting is cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Green IT solutions for businesses

Call our IT experts to talk about the best IT solutions for your business. We’ll help you find the most cost-effective and eco-friendly choices, and help you with any and all configuration and installation of software to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Once your business grows, we can help you expand your IT needs.

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