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Linux is an open source operating system. Linux is similar to other operating systems that you are more familiar with (Windows, OSX, iOS, etc.) and is the silent hero that allows all of your other hardware and applications to work properly. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have probably already used Linux more than you realize. OnePointSync is proud to announce that we offer full Linux and Proxmox support for our Denver clients.

Linux support in Denver

Get Linux support from one of our fully trained IT experts.

Linux support for Denver businesses

Linux is an open source operating system, which means it is free and available to anyone with a computer or a laptop. Open source operating systems can also be modified by users if you have the right skills, but for the average user, Linux is the technology that allows you to work on your computer, whether it’s searching the Internet, writing a memo, or sending an email.

What’s great about an open source operating system is that it is free, secure, and comes with a large support community. Plus, Linux is customizable, so you can choose the applications, word processors, and Web browsers that are right for your business.

Linux IT support in Denver

Expand your virtual capabilities with Linux and Proxmox.

Proxmox server virtualization management solution

Proxmox allows you to expand your professional virtual capabilities. With Proxmox, you can manage your virtual server technology. You can manage your existing resources, as well as reduce hardware costs and administration time. With Proxmox, you can easily virtualize all of your Linux applications, streamlining your entire business. Proxmox is also fully customizable to suit your professional needs.

Linux cloud servers support in Denver

Ubuntu open source cloud

Ubuntu is an open source software platform that runs from the cloud, to the smartphone, to all your things.

For cloud service supported by Linux, we recommend Ubuntu Servers. This cloud service is both economic and is technically scalable to support your data center.

Linux operating system, on-premise Linux server, and Linux cloud server support

Our Denver-based IT experts are fully trained in support and use of the Linux operating system, Proxmox, on-premise Linux servers, and Linux cloud server support.

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