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Secure cloud computing with 3FA.

Being hacked or falling victim to a ransomware attack is a big concern for any business. With many moving their business to the cloud to increase efficiency and cut back on costs, security is one of the most important factors in choosing a cloud service. One of the cloud services that we offer our clients is Three-Factor Authentication (3FA) requiring a username, password, and custom key to maximize security.

Improve cloud service security

With all the recent global ransomware attacks, it’s hard not to be paranoid, so why not just put your mind at ease and get 3FA for your business?

By now, we should all know better than to use the name of the family pet as a password. In fact, no password, whether part of a 3FA or not, should have any personal connection to you or anyone close to you. Even a single complicated password can be vulnerable. For industries that are highly sensitive and require high degrees of security, or if you just want to protect yourself from any security breach, having multi-factor authentication to access your data will give you peace of mind.

The three factors in Three-Factor Authentication

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Avoid hacking and security breaches with 3FA cloud service.

Our 3FA cloud server requires users to use three factors of authentication before gaining access, hence the name Three-Factor Authentication.

Username – The username is sometimes called the “knowledge factor” and is the first step to gain access to your data. The username could be your personal ID or an identification number (PIN).

Password – This should be generated by a password generator to make it difficult for anyone to guess or hack. You can also make up your own password, but we highly recommend that you choose a random password using lower and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols to maximize security.

Custom key – Once you enter the username and password, the third authentication stage is a custom key or one-time password that sent to a device that only you have in your possession. A third password is sent to your custom key, like key fobs, or one-time password tokens provided the username and password are correct.

Secure 3FA cloud servers to maximize security

Being on the cloud is going to make your business much more efficient and cost-effective. Talk to us about our 3FA cloud server option for maximum security.

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