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We’ve talked a lot about all the cybersecurity measures that are necessary to protect your data. As hackers get more sophisticated, so do the tools to thwart their attacks. Every business needs to put aside more money for cybersecurity tools, but with small business budgets, that means that you need to save somewhere else. Here are a few ways that every small business can save and put the extra cash into data protection.

Office Savings

Money saving tips

Go green, minimize meetings, and utilize the web to cut back on your monthly expenses.

Even the most laissez-faire boss should be managing the budget with a tight fist. You never want to play fast and loose with your budget, yet most offices have areas where they are unintentionally wasting money. Take a good look at all of your expenses and cut where appropriate. You’ll save money and make your office more productive. Frequently, when we are wasting money, we are also wasting time. Saving money saves time, and that time and money can be redirected to more appropriate areas of the business to improve efficiency and productivity.

Green Office Initiatives

Going green will not only speak to consumers, but it will save you real money. Going paperless is a great way to save money. You are going to save money on buying paper, but you may also save money on your weekly trash and recycling services.

Switch light bulbs and appliances to energy-efficient models. Energy efficiency in the office will cut back on your utility bills, but it’s also going to protect the planet. By ensuring that the earth is still around in 15 years, you won’t have to find room in the budget to relocate your entire business to Mars.

Eliminate Hardware

Start working on the cloud so that everyone can work in real-time on the same docs without losing time. You can save money on physical hardware, as well as needing space to put hardware and equipment when you utilize the cloud.

Save on VoIP

Don’t pay extra for a phone line when you can utilize the web and save!

Move everything online, even your phones. An internet connection is essential to every business, so take full advantage. Since you can’t avoid having internet in the office, you should transfer as much of your work online as possible. Why waste money paying for a phone line, when VoIP capabilities are much more efficient and cost-effective?!

No More Meetings

Okay, you’ll need to have some meetings, but meetings take time and time is money. The more meetings you can eliminate, the more time you free up for actual work and accomplishing goals. At the very least, only invite essential people to the meetings, and run a tight meeting to avoid wasted time. Sending a rundown ahead of the meeting will get everyone on the same page so that you don’t spend time explaining the purpose of the meeting.

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