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Did you know that startups are the most frequently targeted when it comes to cyber-attacks? It’s no wonder — most startup companies don’t have the financial resources available to ensure software protection. Contrary to what you might believe, no startup is too small to take make an actionable plan to protect themselves from this risk. Here are the most common cyber threats companies overlook, and what your Colorado business can do to fight back.

Phishing Scams

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Be careful when opening email links — your coworker’s email address may be compromised.

Three out of every four businesses are subject to phishing attacks annually. A phishing scam typically takes the form of an email that includes a link to a fraudulent site sent by what seems to be a trusted coworker or friend. Clicking the link could mean you’ve given access to sensitive company information to a mysterious third party. Remember, if something seems off about the email, you’re probably right. Get an IT technician to install antivirus software. A good system will notify you when websites and links could be threatening to your data.

Human Error

Sometimes the most sophisticated security network install just can’t make up for human error. It’s imperative that employees keep multiple passwords to protect their accounts and devices. One in four employees use the exact same password for all their accounts — if someone discovers your password, it’s all over. Using multiple passwords ensures that if one account is compromised, you can at least feel safe knowing your other accounts are protected.

Unsecured Wifi Connections

Doing computer work with any open connection that isn’t your own could leave you vulnerable to attacks. That means your information is ready for the taking at your local coffee shop, airport, or hotel. Most antivirus software can tell you whether the router you’re using is leaving you vulnerable to third-party attacks. If your software gives you an alert, it’s time to log off.

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