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Ransomware cyber-attacks are prominent malware attacks that compromise someone’s files, with the attacker then demanding a ransom from the affected user to restore the files. Seemingly legit files are disguised within Trojans, used to prompt people to download or open the files. In many cases, the victims of ransomware attacks are instructed to pay fees to acquire a decryption key to retrieve their data.

These attacks are all too common in businesses and higher education institutions. Preventing ransomware has increasingly become a topic of conversation, and there are multiple ways to save yourself from attacks. 

What Measures Can You Use to Stop Ransomware?

Two of the best ways of preventing ransomware are implementing firewalls and antivirus protection systems. Firewalls prevent hackers from trying to collect your data, while antivirus protection software kills Trojan horses at the source, keeping you from any exposure. 

You can use data protection methods to neutralize the threat of ransomware, like creating backups for your data. This comes in handy when decryption becomes impossible after a ransomware infection. You can backup your information manually or use backup software to do the job for you. Ensure you do your backup and data recovery practices as often as possible. 

Sometimes, hackers gain access due to the simplest oversights, causing things to spiral rapidly. For example, say a former employee’s profile hasn’t been deactivated. This is susceptible to hacking from unscrupulous people. Or, there are situations where someone logs into your system from an insecure network. 

Data protection

Preventing ransomware requires diligence and strong software to keep you protected.

Creating Policy

You need to set clearly defined guidelines and protocols for your employees, so they don’t fall into these kinds of traps. Preventing ransomware requires a lot of diligence, so you keep all your important details safe from harm. 

To help you in your efforts to stop ransomware, check out our software and get a quote at your earliest convenience to properly protect your data.

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