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If your business is like most, chances are you already have a pretty decent backup strategy. But with changes in today’s digital world, even businesses that regularly back up their data could still become the target of ransomware.

Tools to outsmart hackers and avoid ransomware

Preventing ransomware attacks depends on stronger network security. Testing your backup data systems regularly and taking the time to draft an extensive disaster recovery plan will prove to be invaluable and help your business plan ahead. Outsmart hackers with OnePointSync, your ransomware experts.  Our IT solutions work towards securing your data by preventing ransomware attacks.

When your business use server virtualization, it allows you to take a snapshot image of your server, resulting in more immediate recovery options. Our Proxmox VE offers a complete open source virtualization management software.

Also, implementing effective cybersecurity measures will help ensure your business can identify suspicious and malicious online behavior.

Importance of updating software when prompted

Software updates are essential because they usually include critical fixes in any security holes. They can also work towards improving the overall stability of your software. Updates happen when weaknesses have been spotted and fixed. They can also help improve the stability of your software by removing any features that are outdated. Outsmart hackers with the latest functions and security measures solutions with OnePointSync.

Data Security Tips

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Securing your data means staying up-to-date with critical security software updates. This will help protect you and your business from the latest threats. It’s also a smart idea to have your employees select auto-update for software on their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices when possible. For software that doesn’t update automatically, it’s a good idea to conduct regular checks in an effort to stay on top of any potential updates.

To learn more about ways to outsmart ransomware and protect your business from threats, contact the team at OnePointSync for more information.

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