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By now we’re used to hearing stories about major security breaches at Facebook, and shady handling of our data. A few weeks ago, Google suffered a major software glitch that left a lot of private data exposed and vulnerable to outside parties. Here’s how security was breached at Google and Facebook, and what you need to do about it to re-secure your data.

The Google software glitch

Google software glitch

More than half a million accounts were compromised at Google Plus due to a software glitch.

Recently Google became aware of a software glitch that dates all the way back to 2015! During that time, anyone with a Google Plus account may have had their data compromised. The glitch made it possible for third-party apps to have access to your private data. Most third-party apps will have permission to access your profile data, but not private data so this is a significant breach of security and privacy. Google estimates that up to 500,000 accounts were affected, however, it is uncertain exactly how many or if any data was misused.

Software vulnerabilities at Facebook

Facebook security breachIn September, Facebook alerted users to a few weaknesses in their software that may have left 30 million users and their data compromised. Glitches, flaws, and bugs allowed hackers to steal access to the accounts and steal personal and private data. Facebook insists that hackers did not gain access to credit card information or account passwords. However, this breach in security has left millions more vulnerable to future targeted attacks, like phishing scams. Facebook is working with the FBI to get to the bottom of the security breach.

Change your password

Both Google and Facebook are playing down the level of the security breaches, assuring users that they are taking steps to improve security. However, this is a reminder to every one of the importance of safety for online accounts.

Online security for small businesses

Online security for small businessesIf you’re a small business, you can’t afford to have a security breach. Since most businesses will have some online service, assuring customers security and privacy with their information online is more important than ever.

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