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The toughest employee you’re ever going to have is yourself

IT solutions for small business owners in Denver

Technology and software can help you find the perfect work-life balance without hiring an assistant.

When you start your own business, we’re sure you do a lot of thinking about what type of boss you want to be. Of course, you’re going to do everything in your power to be the best boss ever, but more often than not, when you start a business, “being the boss” doesn’t mean being the boss of a bunch of employees; it means being the boss of yourself. Being both the boss and the employee is the most delicate working relationship you’re ever going to have. It’s both going to be the best of times and the worst of times.

Many businesses start out as sole proprietorships because having an assistant isn’t in the budget. Not having an assistant may save money on the payroll, but it’s going to cost you in time and mental health. Just because you aren’t paying for an assistant doesn’t mean that the duties that would be performed by an assistant will go away. You’re still going to need someone to organize your calendar, organize your contacts, set up and keep track of appointments, prioritize your to-do list, and forward your phones when you’re out of the office (home or other.) While we wait for Japan to invent a robot executive assistant to sit at the front desk and work 24/7 (you know it’s coming), you need to turn to your local IT experts to find the best software and technology to help you survive without an assistant.

Running a sole proprietorship means that you have to wear every hat. You have to be the boss, assistant, manager, and colleague. When there’s a kink in the chain and deadlines get dropped, you only have one person to blame: you!

IT solutions for small businesses

Chances are that there’s an app or software to take on the responsibilities of an executive assistant.

Technology to the rescue

Being a sole proprietor doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. At OnePointSync, we help small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Denver Metro area find the right IT solutions to help them manage and grow their business. With the right technology and managed IT services, technology can take the place of hiring an executive assistant or office manager. The right setup of hardware and software can help you stay focused and organized, as well as help you prioritize and stay on track. You’ll free up time to accomplish your business goals instead of being bogged down with administrative duties that never end.

Small business IT services and solutions in the Denver Metro Area

There are apps and programs for just about anything these days, making being a one-person-business operation easier than ever. Talk to an IT expert about what solutions are right for your business.

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