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There’s a reason small businesses are switching out their landlines and going over to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. VoIP phone systems are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional telephone systems. For small and mid-sized businesses, getting a hosted or on-premise VoIP system set-up is the smart business choice.

VoIP solutions for small businesses

Kerio Operator is a full feature VoIP phone system specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

Cut costs for your small or mid-sized business with VoIP phone system

A traditional landline phone system for a business is a time-tested solution. However, new technology is slowly making the landline obsolete. Having to get your service through a local or national phone company is costly, and the wiring and hardware associated with a landline phone system require maintenance. Operational and maintenance costs have opened up the door for cheaper, yet more efficient phone solutions for small businesses.

Why small businesses prefer VoIP systems

Kerio Connect VoIP Solutions

Get hosted or on-premise VoIP solutions for your small or mid-sized business in Colorado

VoIP systems use the Internet connection that you already have in place for your business, and these systems, like Kerio Operator, will give you features and capabilities that most small businesses or startup companies cannot afford, but are essential to their business and customer service capabilities.

Today’s office is a virtual office, and VoIP systems follow this trend. Most employees aren’t sitting at their desk all the time, and a lot of businesses don’t even have all of their employees in the same office. VoIP gives your employees remote access to your entire phone system so that your team is always connected. It’s a virtual telephone system for your virtual office space.

VoIP is great for customer service

VoIP communications systems for small businesses

Kerio Operator is convenient, secure, and easy to administer.

Your customers want you to be available at all times. Customers are impatient. They don’t want to be put on hold, they don’t want the runaround, and they want to have access to you and your product 24/7. With VoIP you can make and receive calls from your personal phone, using your work extension. You’ll never have to miss a client call because you were out of the office, or away from your desk.

VoIP is secure, convenient, and easy to manage

We recommend Kerio Operator to our small and mid-sized clients. It is quick, convenient, and comes with all the bells and whistles of a high-end telephone service.

For more information on the Kerio Operator VoIP system for small and mid-sized businesses, please contact us for any sales associated questions or schedule a free consultation.

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