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One of the biggest needs of any business today is a reliable phone service! Whether you’re just launching your business or have been established for years, you need a way to communicate. Traditional business phone solutions are very costly and difficult to maintain, making them a strain for most businesses to manage. At OnePointSync, we have a phone solution that will transform your business communications while saving you money! What is it you ask? VOIP!

VOIP, which stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”, is a phone solution that transforms your internet connection into a powerful phone system.

We offer 2 VOIP solutions to meet your every need.

First, we offer the “Kerio Operator” VOIP solution. This service is used by businesses worldwide and is a wonderful solution. With Kerio Operator, you have great benefits such as Call Routing, Call Handling, Increased User Productivity, Increased Security, and Administration. These features allow businesses to scale their communication needs easily without sacrificing features found on high-end phone solutions. The Kerio Operator VOIP solution can be hosted or installed on-premise. Kerio Connect Email Solutions

We also offer another VOIP solution called “Allworx”. This service is an “on-premise” business phone solution but still uses the internet and VOIP to make its magic happen. “Allworx gives you the largest set of traditional telephone capabilities of any VoIP solution in its class! Many companies claim that they are the best or the easiest, but few can back up these claims.”

Allworx offers reliability, innovation, quality and value, allowing you to “select the right server for the number of users, and then add switches and phones to match your needs.” With Allworx, “it has never been easier to build the perfect phone system.”Allworx VOIP-Phone-Service

OnePointSync specializes in IT Solutions that help businesses grow and thrive! Our VOIP solutions will help you take your business to the next level. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can solve your communications needs while saving you money!

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