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The Covid19 virus has changed completely the way we manage our businesses. Even though the transitioning to working remotely, was inevitable, many industries doubt or refuse to believe it was possible. However, the coronavirus has proved us all wrong, and now, businesses are looking for the best way to a reliable and secure transition. There are many different tools and IT services available and valuable when it comes to running your virtual business effectively, so it is vital to know with which your business should start.

Regardless of what kind of small business you have, you will need to call customers or employees at some point. Rather than using the traditional method, many companies are turning towards a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. There are many different reasons why doing this is a great choice. Here are four reasons why every small business should get a VoIP phone system today.

Modernizes Voicemail Management

Even though phones are getting more technologically advanced every year, voicemail technology has remained relatively stagnant over the last decade. However, by using a VoIP service, you can get voicemails automatically transcribed and have them sent to the company email account. Therefore, you will be able to more efficiently manage your voicemails by using the same level of ease as you do with emails.

VoIP options

Companies can save a significant amount of money using a VoIP phone system.

Saves Money on Calls

Running a business requires talking to a lot of people, which can result in a big phone bill quite quickly. But when you are using a VoIP system, the calls are made on your current data network, which means that any local calls made to your in-house employees are completely free. Even the long-distance calls are still significantly cheaper than what you would pay on the average business phone plan.

Incorporates Audio Calls Into Other Mediums

Communication sent to and from a small business is likely going to consist of emails, instant messages, and phone calls. When you make these phone calls using a VoIP system, it allows you to easily integrate these audio conversations with the other forms of communication, resulting in more accurate and detailed information databases.

Makes Upgrading Extremely Easy

Rather than going through a long and painful upgrading process that sets you back several days or even weeks, switching over to a VoIP phone system can often take as little as a few hours. It helps to ensure that you can improve your systems without losing any significant productivity in the meantime.

These reasons are why your small business should immediately switch over to a VoIP system. The Covid19 situation shouldn’t become an issue, but an opportunity for your business to succeed. To get your VoIP service, make sure to contact our IT service professionals at One Point Sync today.

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