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You think that ransomware and virus outbreaks are something that happens to someone else. But, this time, the hackers hit very close to home. Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has been hit by the worst virus outbreak in computer history. But, what’s more shocking, is that no one seems to be taking this seriously!

Ransomware attack on CDOT

CDOT homepage.

CDOT computers hijacked by ransomware

A few weeks ago, on what was supposed to be a regular Wednesday, the security tools put in place to protect Colorado state computers at CDOT detected a threat. Thankfully, the technology staff was able to quickly find and quarantine the virus, and prevent it from spreading. However, the damage was done. The CDOT computer system was compromised. Several servers had to be taken offline, and it is still unclear when all the computers will fully functional again.

Colorado does not negotiate with cybercriminals

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While the damage is still being determined, we do know that the ransomware is messing with payroll. And, if there’s one thing that can disrupt everyone’s lives, it’s not getting your paycheck. It’s like the hackers are playing a really messed up game of “tit for tat” with CDOT workers. “You pay our ransom, you get back your system, your people get their paychecks.” However, like a real like episode of Homeland, the State of Colorado does not negotiate with cybercriminals and have refused to pay the ransom.

What’s being done at CDOT

The state tech department is working hard to access the damage, and contain the virus to keep it from spreading. The FBI, Governor Hickenlooper, and other security agencies are working to find the source of the ransomware.  And, CDOT is working actively to get people their paychecks. But, the question you should be asking isn’t, what’s CDOT doing about the ransomware attack. The real question is, what are you doing about ransomware attacks.

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It’s time to take stock of your own security measures and protections. How vulnerable are you to ransomware, and what can you do to protect yourself from a ransomware attack. This latest attack on CDOT is costing the state millions and millions of dollars, and it’s only the beginning. How long would your business last if you couldn’t pay your employees, had to take a few servers offline, and your computers were non-operational? Our guess is, not very long.

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