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You may not even realize it, but your small business website could be under attack. Unfortunately, while your website is the gateway for all your clients, it’s also the first point of entry that a hacker will try. And, if your website is vulnerable, your whole network could become the next victim of a ransomware attack.

small business websites are under attack

Hackers are attacking your small business website up to 44 times a day.

Cyber attacks on small business websites

A new report on cybersecurity reveals some staggering facts for small business owners. A typical small business website is attacked 44 times a day. And, malicious software bots are casing your websites looking for access hundreds of millions of times a week. It is estimated that at any given moment, over 18.5 million websites are infected. What’s worse, is that you probably didn’t even realize that your website was compromised.

Popular targets for hackers

Hackers are going to go where they see the most action. Since WordPress is the most popular platform for hosting websites, this is where hackers are going to focus their efforts. But, whatever hosting platform you are using, make sure you are careful.

Updating software and plugins

Ransomware solutions

Make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress, as well as the plugins.

Every hosting platform uses its own software. Most people are aware that they need to always use the most updated software. Not only will this make managing your website much easier and more effective, but it will also increase security. But, updating the hosting software isn’t good enough. You also have to update all the plugins that you use. Every plugin could give access to hackers.

Effects of website attacks

If your website is vulnerable, so is the rest of your network. Should hackers gain entry via your website, they may be able to infect your system with malicious software and ransomware. An infected website could start showing unwanted ads or infect various links. If your website is compromised, everyone visiting your site and clicking on links with infected with a virus. They are called viruses for a reason. They are highly contagious and must be contained immediately.

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