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We’ve all heard horror stories about friends and coworkers who have had their laptops stolen or their hard drives fail in the middle of an important project. What we often fail to realize is that it could happen to us too. It’s important to have multiple recovery options should you lose your data for any reason. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to ensure successful data recovery should your work get compromised.

Preventing a Total Data Wipe Out

Invest in Antivirus and Malware Software

Warning Alert

Keep your data protected by installing malware protection software.

The first step in data protection is to eliminate as many outside threats as possible. If your computer becomes infected with malware that compromises your data, it could be as good as gone without the right protection. Ransomware, for example, encrypts your data and then threatens to delete it entirely if you don’t pay the attacker’s ransom fee. Malware software wards off these attacks to keep your information safe.

Back Your Data up to the Cloud

Consider a cloud storage service to back up your data. You’ll be able to access information from anywhere while saving precious hard drive space. Your data remains saved and protected at your IT services’ host server, where there are many security measures in place so that your information isn’t threatened. If anything happens to your computer, your files will stay unaffected.

Use an External Hard drive

Another tried and true method for data back up, people love using external hard drives. They’re great for keeping data safe, and you can use them to make extra space on your computer. They are small items, however, and they can be lost if you’re not careful. Keep your backup hard drives in a safe and secure place where you’ll remember them, and purchase an extra hard drive to keep with you for more casual data dumps.

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