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The internet has made it possible for businesses to work globally, increasing reach and potential profitability! As a result, businesses in the 21st Century have come to depend on the internet whether for hosting their online presence, utilizing social media or simply staying in contact via email.

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However, the internet is not all upside. Database breaches and email interceptions have become more common in recent years, bringing the dangers of the internet to everyone’s attention. For many people, this highlights the reasons they are hesitant to move their business to the cloud. Is it secure? Can it be hacked or intercepted? These questions create an uneasiness that unnecessarily prevents businesses from moving forward.

Protect Your Business Data With A Powerful Security Solution

While these dangers are real, they are also easily avoidable! One of the most powerful security solutions every business must utilize is a VPN. What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It is a Private network that secures and encrypts all the data your computer sends over the internet so that it can’t be seen by prying eyes! It does this by creating a secure, encrypted tunnel that can be used to transmit data between the remote user and the business network.Prying eyes

This means employees can access your businesses internal network while away from the office. Because a VPN also secures all wireless connections, even public ones, you can have peace of mind no matter where you work from in the world. A VPN gives you and your business reliable security by providing Security, Privacy, and Anonymity.

While there are many security measures a business can take, implementing a VPN should be at the top of the list. It will give you peace of mind that your data is only being seen by you! At OnePointSync, we specialize in setting up VPN’s for businesses. Contact us today for a free quote and we’ll help you make your business more secure!

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