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There are a few essentials to starting a business. You need a great idea, you need startup money, and you need to build an IT infrastructure. There’s no way to run a company without technology, as it is what allows a small business to hit the ground running and compete with the big boys.

But, there’s a lot of tech out there, and finding the right hardware, software, and network services for your needs can be difficult. So, to start you off, here are the essentials for building IT infrastructure for your new business.

What Is IT Infrastructure

Build IT infrastructure for new business

Get the hardware and software to build your IT infrastructure.

To operate and manage a new business, you need to set up the right IT infrastructure, which comprises hardware, software, networks, and IT services that are customized to meet your business needs. Each element needs to work together to make your operation efficient, productive, and accessible.

Essential Business Hardware

The first step to building an IT infrastructure is to get the necessary hardware. We’re talking computers, tablets, devices, servers, routers, hubs, switches, and anything that has a physical presence.

Some of your hardware can be stored off-site, like the servers. And, many of your employees may already come equipped with their favorite devices, but we recommend getting hardware that is specifically set up for your business. Using personal devices for business and pleasure can cause security risks that aren’t worth the money you’re trying to save.

Essential Business Software

Essentials of IT infrastructure

Consult an IT service provider about building your IT infrastructure.

The software is everything that you can’t see. It’s all the magic that happens behind the hardware from the operating system, like Linux, Apple, or Windows, to make sure that you can store, organize, communicate, manage, and operate your business. The software is what is going to make your business as efficient as possible.


How you communicate with employees, investors, and clients is one of the main components of an IT infrastructure. Your email, VoIP, and other means of communication will determine how effectively you will be able to manage every aspect of your business.


The software also includes security measures like firewalls and malware protection. These days, every business should take cyber security seriously. Making sure that you have an end to end encryption and protection against ransomware is a crucial component of your IT infrastructure.

IT Solutions Provider in Denver

If you’re starting a business in Denver, talk to an IT service provider to set up your entire IT infrastructure. By hiring an IT solutions provider in your area, you will be able to save time and money figuring out all the right components. We’ll help you find the best IT solutions for your needs, as well as support, manage, and monitor your IT infrastructure to keep your business on track and operating smoothly.

Get a quote from an IT expert about setting up a complete IT infrastructure for your new business.

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