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We’ve all been there. We’re in the middle of doing some important work, and a notification pops up on our screen saying that we need to update the computer system. We click the ‘dismiss’ button and continue with our work, telling ourselves that we will do the update tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes!

Hackers Use Outdated Systems

Firewall Security

Make sure you regularly update your computer to keep your computer system safe.

Although these updates may not seem urgent, we should never ignore a computer system update. When you fail to regularly update your system, it can leave your device vulnerable to cyberattacks. Outdated systems are a huge weak point that many hackers look for when they’re trying to hack into a company’s online data.

Running on an old system increases your chances of getting hacked. This is because those software updates that you ignore often include critical pieces of security that your current system is lacking. Most malware attacks happen in these security ‘holes’ within your operating systems and browsers. In particular, larger systems and programs are vulnerable.

Improved Features

You should not ignore a computer system update; updates boost your device’s security and often contain new or improved features that can enhance the stability and functionality of your system. This leads to easier use of the device and improved user experience.

Most computers require manual updates. This means the user is required to approve the update in order for it to begin. Next time you get the update notification, do not dismiss it! Instead, approve the update and move to work on another computer until it is completed to keep your computer as safe as possible.

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