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Businesses often store a lot of important data in their computer systems. This data can include personal details about clients or customers, such as names, addresses, financial and other sensitive/private information.

It is this information that hackers want to gain access to. No matter how small your business, a security breach or data breach caused by a hacker attacking your computer system can have detrimental consequences for your business.

The Costs of Being Hacked


Keep your client’s and customer’s data safe by enhancing the security of your computer system.

If your system is hacked, it can cause significant financial loss. Not only will you have to pay to upgrade your existing system or set up a brand-new system altogether after a cyberattack, but you may also lose money through the loss of clients. The hackers may also demand a ransom for you to regain access to your information.

When your client’s or customer’s data gets leaked in a data breach, they may lose trust in your business, and this trust can be hard to regain. It may result in reduced credibility of your company.

There is also the issue of lost data. During a security breach, some of your client and customer data may get stolen or deleted. If you do not have backups, you might end up losing large volumes of important information that will be difficult to replicate.

Top Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

In order to maximize the security of your system, here are some of the best data backup and recovery solutions for you to follow.

  • Install a disaster recovery solution software
  • Use iCloud backup storage to store your data.
  • Enhance the security of your existing computer systems
  • Make extra copies of all of your important data
  • Train all staff on the importance of cyber safety

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