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It’s no secret that eCommerce is taking over many sectors in today’s global market. From retail to CPG to meals, there are numerous companies that cater directly to consumers through exclusively online services. These online businesses require IT services to support their digital structure.

Here are some of the essential IT components you need to invest in when starting your online business.

The Three Essential IT Components of eCommerce Businesses

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    Essential IT components for eCommerce business include data protection measures, management software, and technical staff.

    Secure Web Server

It should go without saying that you need a place to host your website. This should be the first item on your list to acquire.

  • A Mobile-Friendly Web Page

With modern smartphone usage and the rise of social media marketing, customers are now shopping more and more with their phones. This means that pages have to load, interact, and function just as well through an Apple or Android phone as they do on a standard computer.

  • Secure Online Payment Portals

One of the major concerns people have regarding shopping online is security. Thankfully, new eCommerce sites come with secure shopping carts. This comprises software that allows you to create and edit an online store, control its appearance and contents, handle payments, and more. There are open-sourced shopping carts that can be downloaded for free or paid shopping carts.

Why You Need These Essential IT Components

These components are so important because they make consumers feel confident about shopping online at your eCommerce store. Data protection and security, high-quality UX for mobile and desktop, and a streamlined checkout experience are all necessary for a quality customer journey. IT support and management solutions also help you run the site from the back end while making it easy for customers to troubleshoot on the front lines.

If you’re ready to take your business into the online space or are simply looking to capitalize on the eCommerce boom, reach out to OnePointSync today for your essential IT components.

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