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Using various office applications can be expensive for a business, and take away from other important facets that are crucial to a business’ budget. To ease this issue, we’ve got the solution to ensure you’re keeping applications in one suite. 

Thanks to Microsoft Office Suite software, you can access all your applications in one go. By leasing Microsoft software, you put your business in an advantageous position and improve productivity for various departments. 

Why Leasing is Great for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Leasing Microsoft software has never been easier, thanks to your friends at OnePointSync. With our Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA), we offer our client base all products Microsoft provides. The end result is maximum flexibility at a leased cost. It’s an inexpensive option for small and medium-sized businesses looking to have more control over their businesses, improving workflows and making day-to-day operations smoother for all involved. 

It’s a great way to try something to see if it works for your business and makes things more efficient.

Avoid wasting time at office

By leasing Microsoft software, you get to try top-quality software without spending too much.

The Microsoft Office Suite allows you to record more information and transfer that information quickly from one department to another. Leasing Microsoft software is less stressful on the pocket as buying software can be expensive. Leasing is a great way to try out Microsoft Office Suite software before you commit and spend a bunch of money your business may not necessarily be prepared to pay. 

Furthermore, leasing Microsoft software is flexible and gives you access to many products that are expensive to purchase on their own. You will have a better idea of the quality you’re purchasing and, as a result, you will know whether the software is a viable option for your business. 

Start Leasing

If you’re interested in leasing Microsoft software, OnePointSync has the hookup. Check out our software and get quotes for all your software queries on our website.

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