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Protecting yourself from cyber intruders

One of the essentials of running a business is Wifi. Every piece of time and cost saving software, all the organizational tools, and all the devices that you use to run your business lose all of their efficiency without Wifi. But Wifi is also one of the areas where you are the most vulnerable to cybercrime. If you’re using Wifi for your business (and we know you are), then you need to take steps to secure your wifi from cyber intruders.

Wifi security

Change the password on your router and your Wifi access.

Security starts with the router

The router is a common entry point that cybercriminals will try to get access to your network. Most businesses have passwords to their Wifi, but just as many forget to change the password to the router. Every router comes equipped with a default password. When you set up your router, be sure to change the router password.

Secure your network with a password

Above we mentioned “wifi passwords.” If for some reason you thought “hmmm, what wifi password,” there’s a very good chance your wifi is vulnerable. Maybe you just forgot that you entered a password once upon a time, and now your device remembers the network every time you are within the vicinity of that network. If that’s the case, great, your network is probably password protected. But if you have never been prompted for a password, then your network is wide open. Close your network with a password for greater wifi security.

Change the name of your router

If someone is looking to breach your network for nefarious reasons, make it harder for them by changing the name of your router (SSID.) The brand of router you use could give clues to cybercriminals about how to breach your network. So make sure you change the name on our router so that the brand cannot be identified. You also don’t want to name the router anything that could identify you or your business. When searching around for an opening, they first need to figure out which network and router belong to you. If you name your network and router something random, you become harder to find.

Make your router invisible

Increase cybersecurity

Talk to One Point Sync about cybersecurity.

After you’ve given your router a super secret pseudonym to stay anonymous to outsiders, take an extra security measure by making your router invisible. That means that anyone looking for your router to get onto your network, won’t be able to see you. They would need to know the routers, or your SSID’s unique name, to find you. It’s just another little step you can take to increase the security of your Wifi.

Enable a firewall for your router

Many routers will come with a firewall. A firewall for your router will increase security. If you’re not sure if your router has a firewall, or if the firewall is activated, talk to an IT expert.

Cybersecurity for Denver businesses

One Point Sync can customize cybersecurity solutions for your Denver business. Increase your cybersecurity with the right router, firewalls, secure passwords, and other security measures. One Point Sync can help you find the right hardware and software for your business.

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