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Stop wasting time at the office

Every boss goes to work with the best intentions. But before you get to your first meeting or the first item on your to-do list, chances are you’ve already fallen victim to a few office time wasters. Technology is both your friend and your enemy when it comes to wasting time in the office. On one hand, tech can help improve efficiency, but on the other hand, tech can also be a time sucking rabbit hole. So, here are our tips for avoiding waste of time at the office.

Avoid wasting time at the office

Schedule a face-to-face meeting to avoid wasting time writing back and forth.

Minimize availability

The tech we use to communicate seamlessly with employees, vendors, investors, and clients can also be a huge time waster. Ironically, tech is supposed to make you more efficient, but with everyone being so easily connected all the time, your availability to everyone can become a time waster. Be sure to limit your availability. If you allow yourself to be too involved and too available in the day to day, all you’re going to do all day is answer questions.

Set times for office communication

Being involved in every aspect of your business is not the same thing as being hands-on in every aspect. There will always be the ping of an email or an instant message or another type of interruption. Limiting your availability isn’t just for your employees, it is also a way for you to allow yourself to ignore emails and messages until designated times.

Increase face-to-face communication

If you’re a millennial, we know you have a naturally born aversion to face-to-face contact. You probably didn’t even realize that your phone also has a “talk” feature. As much as we believe we can be just as efficient through written communication – instant messaging, social media, texting, or email – this can be a huge waste of time. Sometimes, waiting for a response to your last email or message so that you move forward on a task is not the most efficient way. Instead of spending a day writing back and forth, pick up the phone and take a quick face-to-face meeting.

Run a tight meeting

Avoid wasting time at office

Written communication can be a huge waste of time.

Don’t worry, setting up a face-to-face meeting can be quick and painless. If you set specific parameters for the meeting, you can get off the phone or the video call quickly, without suffering too much anxiety from having to talk to another person face-to-face. Meetings that are unstructured and unorganized end up being a big waste of time. Get VoIP communication for your office for the most efficient way to have quick meetings with anyone in the office, regardless of where they are in the world.

Office communication software

Get office communication software to help you save time, not waste time at the office. If you use it right, office communication can make your business more efficient and profitable. Talk to an IT expert about a complete IT solution specific to your business needs.

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