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Modern companies often have a lot of remote workers. Instead of everyone showing up to their office space and spending a day in a cubicle, working remotely is the new normal. Working at home, or from wherever, has certainly helped everyone’s work life balance, but it does have one downside. It makes it really hard to plan an office holiday party.

Of course, if the traditional workspace is dead, so is the traditional office party. Fortunately, the same technology that you use to make it possible for people to work remotely, the same tech can be used to throw a remote-work holiday party.

Remote-work holiday party

Boost morale and bring your team together with a remote-work holiday party.

Why Throw a Holiday Party at All

With so many holiday parties and everyone spread out geographically, it may seem like not having a company holiday party is easier on everyone. Yet, there are so many benefits to throwing a holiday party, like boosting morale, bringing everyone closer, and showing your appreciation.

Making an effort to throw a party, even though everyone is spread out, will show how much you appreciate your employees. Bringing everyone together, even if it’s using technology, is a great morale booster, and will make your team get closer and improve the way they work together. A team that is unified and happy is a productive team and great for business.

Virtual Office Holiday Parties

Videoconferencing technology allows you to create a virtual office for remote workers. But, instead of featuring the newest powerpoint presentations, or assigning tasks and deadlines, you’ll use your video conferencing to play games and talk about other things besides work. You can exchange virtual gifts, have competitions, and play “get to know you” games to bring your team closer.

Preparing for a Remote-Work Office Party

You may not all be gathered in one place, but some of your employees may be in the same area and could maybe arrange to all be present in one location. That way you have small gatherings of people all connecting online.

Since you won’t be paying for an office party bar and catering, you can even have a holiday basket sent to each employee with cookies, chocolates, savory snacks, eggnog, wine, or champagne. And, encourage everyone to decorate their virtual office space for a festive time. Your employees are going to be much happier about a remote-work holiday party if they don’t have to pay for it.

Video Conferencing Technology

Of course, having a remote-work holiday party means that you need reliable video conferencing technology. It’s not fun if there is a delay in time, back sound, or bad picture quality. Remote access technology will not only help your business be more efficient and productive, but it can help you build team spirit, boost morale, and say thank you for another great year of work.

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