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Cloud hosting business solutions

Working from home, or working from somewhere other than the central office, is just par for the course in a modern day business. As long as the job gets done, it doesn’t matter where your employees are located. What does matter, is making sure that your employees have a secure remote access to your network.

Even if you are keeping all of your employees under one roof, the nine to five business day is a thing of the past. Your employees are going to take their work home with them. They are going to check their email “after hours” and they are going to have times when they need to access company information from their home computer or other mobile devices. This is good news, and you shouldn’t fight it, you should embrace it, and then set up secure measures to make it as easy and as secure as possible for your employees to access information from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud computing and secure remote access

Cloud computing makes is safe to work from anywhere and still access sensitive company information.

Let your employees work securely from anywhere in the world

If you employees are taking their work home, or checking emails and working on their assignments from planes, trains, and automobiles, this means that your employees like working for you, they enjoy their job. Otherwise, they’d shut off their computer at 5:00 pm sharp and never look back.

If you don’t provide secure remote access to your network, your data, and your applications, you are taking the risk that your employees will end up emailing information to themselves so that they can continue to work on a project from home. Not only does this breaches your security by having information sent to a non-secure server outside of the office, but it is wasting time by having your employees essentially work on multiple file versions of a document. Changes are hard to track because you are never sure if the version that you have on your centralized system in the office is the most recent up to date version.

Secure remote access IT solutions

You can climb the highest mountain and still have secure access to all of your company data, information, and applications.

Today’s cloud servers are more secure than ever, and you can trust that information remains safe, regardless of where your employees are accessing the data. Cloud servers make it easy for your employees to work whenever and wherever they please, and for everyone to always to working from the same document, tracking changes, and avoiding conflicts from dealing with multiple versions of the same document.

We offer three cloud computing options for our clients:

  • Windows/Linux hosted Cloud
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) server options
  • 3FA (3 Factor Authentication)

Full-service IT solutions for businesses

Talk to our IT experts about the best cloud computing options for your business.

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