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Imagine this worst case scenario: You go away on a weekend trip or even a business trip only to arrive and find out you have no internet access where you will be staying. What do you do?

If your business requires internet to stay in touch and get things done this can be a bad situation. While you can’t control the availability or the quality of the internet you will have access to, you can be prepared for it.

Be the hero and save the day

First off, remember that unplugging from work and the internet from time to time is a very good thing! It gives you opportunity to reflect on what’s important, to connect with people around you and to sharpen your mind via reading and learning new things. However, this post is about being forced to unplug unexpectedly while still needing to get work done.

Here are 3 tips to help you and your business survive in an Internet-less environment.

  1. Try to obtain internet locally: While your hotel Internet may be out, the locals can tell you where you may be able to find free internet access. Ideas of places to check:
    • Public hotspots or internet cafes. These are great places to get work done, just don’t forget to use your VPN to protect your privacy.
    • A local, data enabled SIM card to create a hotspot through your phone. Most smartphones today have the ability to share their data with nearby computers. In many foreign countries, you can buy a local SIM card for the length of your trip and use it for data. However, this is not always an option because it requires an unlocked phone to make it possible.
  2. Have your most recent and most important emails downloaded and stored on your device before leaving for your trip: Because most email clients allow you to do this, you can store and write emails offline. This means you can still write and reply to emails while disconnected. Once you are able to reconnect, you can go into your outbox and send those message if they haven’t already sent automatically.
    Digital tablet computer with sticky note paper and cup of coffee
  3. Have your most needed software installed: No matter what document type your business uses, whether Word, Excel or just about anything else, you should be sure to have the necessary software installed on your device. While you may normally use one of the many great online applications most of the time, those won’t do you any good when offline. If you have the necessary software installed, you can still get work done while disconnected.

These are just a few tips to help you survive in an internet-less environment so you can stay productive until you manage to get connected again!

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