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Over the past five years, companies all over Colorado have begun to utilize cloud computing to run their operations — but why? Is cloud computing really the better choice when it comes to managing data and keeping it safe? Why not stick to on-premise managing software? Here are the differences between both and why cloud computing takes the win.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud programs are internet services that enable users to access their software from any device at any time. A cloud computing service can either be a platform as a service (ie. Windows Azure), infrastructure as a service (ie. Google’s Compute engine), or software as a service (ie. Dropbox).

Cloud computing is less expensive to use than conventional software, and it can be accessed from anywhere you’d like to work. Coworkers with different accounts can access the same information simultaneously, meaning they can collaborate remotely.

Cloud Computing vs. Managing Software

Cloud service security

Cloud computing allows coworkers to elaborate from anywhere.

Managing software is installed locally, so it has to be accessed locally. Cloud software can be hosted on super-efficient servers and can be accessed through any web browser.

Managing software comes with a one-time license fee, usually priced based on the size of the company and the number of users. There are, however, extra fees for support and upgrades. Cloud vendors generally price their software under a subscription, with no fees for support or updates.

If your data isn’t backed up, you could lose everything — even the managing software itself — if your hardware malfunctions. With the cloud, you’re guaranteed to have all your data backed up at the vendor server.

Managing software is proprietary, meaning there is very little wiggle room in the way of customization. Cloud programs typically try much harder to work with clients to see what can be improved upon, and offer more frequent updates and optional add-ons.

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