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Working on the cloud allows every business, whether big or small, to get secure data storage. Small companies will especially benefit from cloud storage. But, the cloud is an elusive idea, and many are skeptical. Here’s why you can trust your data on the cloud.

Cloud services

The cloud has multiple encryptions to keep your data safe.

Trusting your data on the cloud

Data security is on the minds of every business owner. News about major security breaches and the rise of ransomware attacks has many wondering if they’re better off having their own data center, instead of trusting someone else to keep the data secure on the cloud. However, building an onsite data center is expensive and time-consuming. Not only will you need to dedicate precious resources to the physical equipment, but you’ll need fulltime staffers to manage the data center. Most businesses can’t afford this, and even if they could, the cloud may still be a better fit for your business.

Cloud encryptions

With almost everyone putting their most sensitive data on the cloud, the cloud platform providers are well aware that any glitch or security breach is going to be the end of their business. They are no more interested in lax security measures than you are, so you can be sure that they have the latest cloud encryptions in place to secure your data.

Most cloud services will have many layers of encryptions. Some encryptions make it near impossible for hackers to grab your data as it is transferring from your device to the cloud. Once your data is safely resting on the cloud, there are more encryptions to keep it safe. It’s like a Jedi mind trick. The encryptions are the virtual wave of the hand, signaling “these are not the files you’re looking for” when hackers come creeping through.

Multiple encryptions

Cloud service security

Be sure to have proper password protection to secure your data on the cloud.

There are typically multiple encryption layers associated with your cloud storage. Files are sometimes encrypted several ways, breaking up your files into pieces and giving each piece separate encryption. Even if hackers manage to break one encryption, all they’ll get is a tiny piece of the puzzle.

Human error

The biggest threat to cloud security is human error and weak passwords. Make sure that you don’t weaken your cloud security with careless password protection. Get a password generator and multi-factor authentification to increase cloud security.

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