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Managed IT services can save a company time and money, and open up resources that can be better spent in other areas of business. With the many companies that offer managed IT services, choosing the right services for you can seem daunting. Make sure that you understand what to look for in a managed IT service agreement so that you get what you need for your business.

Managed IT Services Denver

Understand the terms and conditions of your managed IT services agreement.

What type of IT services does your business need

Every business relies heavily on technology. But, every business is different. Understanding your tech needs is necessary for you to make the right decision about IT support. Ideally, what you need to look for in a managed IT service agreement is the ability to handle all of the IT that your business needs. Once you understand your tech needs, you can start to negotiate the type of services you want to be covered in your IT service agreement.

Services to include in a managed IT agreement

Once you have found an IT company that will support your current environment, and understand your tech needs, you need to clearly outline the terms and conditions of your managed IT service agreement. IT support isn’t just about tech support. Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting. There are three main areas that you want included in your managed IT service agreement.

Network and data security

Managed IT services

Make sure that security is included in your managed IT services agreement.

With almost all of your privileged information being handled online, your number one priority with managed IT services is that you get proper security. Managed IT services should include network and data security. Make sure you understand exactly how your IT company will provide that security, and where the liability falls should something go wrong.

Performance expectations

We help small and midsize businesses in Colorado get the right tech they need to run their business efficiently. And, we help manage those systems to eliminate downtime, keep all software updated, and keep your business up and running as smoothly as possible. Ans, you want all your software and hardware to run as fast as possible. Set performance expectations before you sign a managed IT service agreement.

Tech support times

If there are technical glitches which can range from an infuriating printer error to much more serious network downtime and loss of work. Make sure that you get managed IT services that include 24/7 tech support. No matter the size of your business, any downtime in work due to technical errors can be detrimental to your business. Don’t wait until you need tech support to learn about tech support response times.

Manged IT services in Denver

Look for 24/hour tech support in your managed IT service agreement.

Managed IT services for Denver businesses

We understand that every business has unique needs. Get the right managed IT services to protect your business, make it more efficient, and help you save money on troubleshooting and downtime due to slow response times. Talk to us about putting together a complete IT solution for your Denver business.

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