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Security today comes in many different forms. Just about anything and everything can be secured in some fashion. While the needs of each business will vary, every business needs to take security seriously. Depending on the nature of your company, you should be securing your communications and data transmission with a VPN, protecting your local data with strong passwords, and your facilities with a state-of-the-art camera system. Another modern security system many businesses can benefit from is called Access Control.

What is Access Control?

Access Control systems are electronic locks for your doors that allow you to gain greater security and control over your facilities. There are many different types of Access Control Systems, some being analog and some digital. These systems allow you to give certain access to certain doors, at different times of the days. They are a great option for your front lobby doors or other parts of your building that you need to secure.

Access Control Keypad

3 Ways Access Control Increases Your Security

  1. Electronic Keys: With a standard door lock, you need a set of keys that can be easily lost or duplicated. Losing a key could mean changing the locks on more than one door. This is expensive and time-consuming! Modern Access Control systems use cards or electronic key codes, making them less likely to be lost and much more difficult to duplicate in the event they are lost. You can easily reprogram the locks should you need to.
  2. Security Clearance: Sometimes, you need to give different levels of clearance to different people. Access Control systems make this easy. You simply apply an employee’s security code to the locks he or she is allowed to access. This means each employee only needs to carry one card or know one code. The doors they are allowed to access will be programmed to let them enter automatically.
  3. Remote Access: Probably one of the greatest benefits of Access Control is the ability to grant access to an individual remotely. This means that you can grant access to a door or department over the internet while you are away on a business trip. This is great for those times when a contractor needs to come and make repairs while you are away.

OnePointSync takes security seriously and specializes in setting up Access Control systems for businesses. If you would like a free consultation to see how Access Control Systems can benefit you, then contact us today!

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